7 Best Flowers to Send for Condolences

Flowers can be often seen as symbols of love, sympathy, and mourning. The best flowers to send for condolences can be a means of showing support and sympathy to the bereaved. Additionally, gifting sympathy flowers can be a heartfelt gesture to offer comfort after experiencing loss.

Flowers can show your support, sympathy, and care for the bereaved.

Funeral flowers can bring some consolation to the bereaved by giving them a lovely present during a difficult time. Gifting sympathy flowers can better demonstrate your concern and support for the bereaved family.

A flower arrangement can serve as a tribute to honor the life of the deceased.

Funeral flowers can be used as a visual tribute to the departed person’s life and legacy. Sympathy flowers can also be tangible reminders of the departed person’s memory to comfort their mourning loved ones.

How to Choose the Best Flowers to Send for Condolences

It can be difficult to choose a funeral arrangement for a deceased loved one. It is crucial to know that you are choosing the best flowers to commemorate your loved one with. Among the wide variety of flowers, you must ensure that your choice is the most suitable.

Choose a flower with meaning.

The flower you choose should be meaningful to the deceased or their culture. Be mindful of the meanings certain flowers and their colors can convey to truly send a meaningful message.

Choose the appropriate color palette.

An essential part of choosing which funeral flowers to send is by selecting the perfect colors. The culture and personality of the departed should also be reflected in the color choice. Plus, you have to be mindful of the meanings different colors may entail. Ultimately, choosing suitable flower colors can help celebrate and honor the departed better.

Pick an appropriate arrangement style for the funeral.

Traditional arrangements utilize traditional flowers, classic designs, and uniform colors to create an air of timeless style. On the other hand, modern arrangements favor a newer expressive look with a range of textures, vivid colors, and unique details.

Consider the intensity of the fragrance of the flowers and possible allergens.

Look at the qualities the flowers have while choosing the best flowers to send for condolences. For instance, the overpowering scent of some flowers can aggravate allergies or overwhelm those who are grieving. Plus, make sure that none of the mourners are allergic to the flowers you pick.

Other things to consider when choosing the best flowers to send for condolences include:

  1. Think of how to personalize your flower arrangement.
  2. Take note of the religious and cultural background of the grieving family.
  3. Choose the right arrangement according to the venue or the family’s preference.
  4. Be aware of what pets the mourners’ household may have to prevent endangering them.

7 Best Flowers to Send for Condolences in a Time of Grieving


Carnations are a suitable flower choice for funerals. They are perfect sympathy flowers for long services because they are durable with a long-lasting fragrance. Depending on the color, they can stand for innocence, purity, or remembrance.


Depending on the region, chrysanthemums can have different meanings. White chrysanthemums are commonly used in East Asia as a symbol of grief and loss. On the other hand, they symbolize honor and sympathy in both Europe and the US.


When mourning a strong and moral person, a gladioli arrangement is a great funeral flower choice. The meaning it conveys as a sympathy flower is one of strength and encouragement in the wake of loss.


Lilies are the most common and traditional flower chosen for funerals. Grieving loved ones may find comfort and peace in the meaning of the lily. These extremely fragrant flowers represent the soul of the departed returning to a peaceful state.


Whatever color you choose, orchids can stand for eternal love, grief, and peace. For those who are grieving, orchids are a symbol of love and support that can last for a long time.


Because of their aesthetic appeal and meaning, roses are often used in funeral flower arrangements. Roses are the ideal flower for a funeral because they symbolize love. However, when selecting roses for arrangements, consider colors to be used as they can change the flower’s meaning.


Tulips are a popular choice for funeral flower arrangements. White tulips are often used to make casket arrangements as well. This flower signifies innocence, purity, and new beginnings.

Send Your Condolences Through Flowers with Hot Springs Florist

Loss is never easy to deal with, and during challenging times like these, supporting the bereaved is essential. Funeral flowers can be sent as a way to show your support or as a way to celebrate the life of a loved one. Sending heartfelt and meaningful floral arrangements has never been easier than with Hot Springs Florist.

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